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Flight Tag

Flight Tag

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Introducing the Flight Tag Keychain, a unique and captivating accessory that combines the charm of vintage flight tags with the satisfying spinning action when paired with one of our high-quality keychains.

But what truly sets this keychain apart is its unique spinning feature. The flight tag is cleverly integrated with a high-quality spinner mechanism, providing hours of satisfying spinning action. With a flick of your finger, the flight tag comes to life, adding an element of entertainment and stress relief to your daily activities


  1. Unique flight tag design, inspired by vintage luggage tags.
  2. Replica of airline codes, destinations, and vintage-inspired designs.
  3. Premium materials for durability and longevity.
  4. Sturdy keyring attachment for secure key organization.
  5. Compact and lightweight for easy carrying.
  6. High-quality spinner mechanism for captivating spinning action.
  7. Perfect for travelers, aviation enthusiasts, and anyone seeking an engaging keychain.

This keychain is the perfect companion for adding a touch of wanderlust and excitement to your everyday routine. Grab your Flight Tag Keychain and let your keys take flight.

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